Application of Chromium Corundum

Chromium corundum, due to its unique excellent performance, is widely used in high-temperature fields with harsh environments, including non-ferrous metallurgical kilns, glass melting kilns, carbon black reaction furnaces, garbage incinerators, etc. At the beginning of its development, chromium corundum was more widely used in the fields of cement and steel metallurgy. However, due to the strengthening of people’s environmental awareness, the call for chromium free high-temperature industry has become increasingly high. Many fields have developed alternative products, but chromium corundum still exists in some areas with harsh service environments.


Chromium containing refractory materials, due to their unique properties, have been used effectively in non-ferrous metallurgical industry furnaces. Although many scholars are currently studying the chromium free transformation of refractory materials used in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy, the use of chromium containing refractory materials as smelting furnace lining in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy is still the mainstream so far. For example, refractory materials used in the Ausmet copper smelting furnace not only need to withstand the erosion of the melt (SiO2/FeO slag, copper liquid, copper matte) and gas phase erosion, but also to overcome temperature fluctuations caused by regular replacement of the spray gun. The service environment is harsh, and there is currently no material with better performance to replace except for chromium containing refractory materials. In addition, zinc volatilization kiln, copper converter, Coal gasification furnace and carbon black reactor are also facing the same situation.

Post time: May-05-2023